About Us

The Hardins

Moore County is home for the Hardins. Mike, Victoria, and their son Rhett reside in Southern Pines and are members of First Baptist Church, Southern Pines. Mike has been a  prosecutor for over 23 years.  He is presently the Chief Deputy District Attorney for Hoke County and manages the two-county district for Hoke & Scotland Counties.

The Change is Coming!

Effective January 1, 2021 Moore & Hoke counties are joined as the new prosecutorial District.  We look forward to serving Moore and Hoke counties.

Time for a Change

Mike has a reputation for results. He has personally tried thousands of cases with a winning track record. Mike will serve Ethically,  Honestly, and with  Integrity. 

Meet Mike Hardin

With an itch to continue as a public servant, Mike knew the time has come for change in our community. That’s why the family of five: Mike, Victoria & Rhett (including pups Hal & Steely) set out on a journey to become servant-leaders and get to know YOU! The Hardin for District Attorney campaign is about providing a clear choice for the citizens of Moore & Hoke Counties. Mike is a man of integrity, empathy, experience, and commitment. 

Mike Hardin has a strong foundation for this campaign, starting with FAMILY. Mike is a devoted husband and father. He is an avid hunter and a proponent of gun safety.

Our New District Attorney must lead by example, in the office, in the courtroom, and in our neighborhoods. Mike is committed to our community. The Hardins live in Moore County and attend First Baptist Church of Southern Pines.

Keeping our community safe is Mike’s mission. The Hardins know the importance of the District Attorney as they have been the victims of crime.  In 2013, Victoria testified during a jury trial. She and their son were victims of a sexual assault. The Defendant was convicted by the jury and now must register as a sex offender for life, due in part, to the Hardin family's persistence. In 2011, five days after their son was born, a woman forced her way into the Hardin's home. The woman was subsequently prosecuted. In 2010, Mike detained a man whom he caught behind a neighbor's home. This man had been involved in multiple break-ins and recently was released from prison. He was on parole for violent crimes. The man’s parole was revoked and he was prosecuted.

Mike is a Career Prosecutor. He has the most trial experience and has a reputation for being fair but firm. Since becoming a prosecutor in 1997, Mike has dedicated his career to public service. Mike is presently the Chief Deputy District Attorney for Hoke County. He has also worked as a Special Prosecutor for other North Carolina counties in conflict cases. Mike knows how to run a two-county prosecutorial district, with offices in separate counties. He cultivates relationships with law enforcement. He has respect for the rules and is capable of making the hard calls.

Mike has tried thousands of cases in District, Superior, and Juvenile Court. Mike has obtained guilty verdicts in high profile and complex jury trials such as murder, rape, robberies, animal cruelty, and child sex offenses. He has a passion for the law and with such a wide range of courtroom experience, he can handle anything!

The Hardin family notes that amazing adventures are ahead. As parents and lawyers, Mike and Victoria are blessed to have a supportive team as they manage the balance of work, home, and the campaign. Mike is a family man. In 2006 he met his wife Victoria at the National Advocacy Center located in Columbia, South Carolina. At the time, Mike and Victoria were child sex abuse prosecutors and had received federal scholarships to attend special training for fighting online crimes against children. Victoria also knows the value of hard work and is the first person in her family to go to college. Victoria practices family law with The Hardin Law Firm PLLC. Together, they look forward to sharing their story and Mike’s vision for the ***NEW*** Moore & Hoke Prosecutorial District. Through their journey, Mike hopes to educate the public in an effort to develop a better understanding of the Office of the District Attorney and the role the criminal justice system plays in our community. 

Violence against children and families is a cause that is personally, emotionally and professionally important to Mike Hardin.  Mike and Victoria were child sex abuse prosecutors. Mike has extensive training and trial experience in sexual violence and child abuse crimes, to include a guilty verdict for a man who raped his wife. 

From the Campaign for Hardin for District Attorney,  we thank you for your support!


· 1989 South View High School Graduate, Hope Mills, North Carolina

· 1993 UNC Charlotte cum laude

· 1996 Law Degree University of Akron School of Law 

· 1996 Admitted North Carolina Bar